Thursday, October 11, 2007

When you're on a Roll..... keep rolling!

More from me today, I've been really productive the last few days and still have heaps to do.

This set was an absolute pain in the you know what, to put together, and no, it wasn't the fancy wired feature or even the hand beaten clasp that I had to make because its almost impossible to buy decent sized copper clasps... it was the simple act of stringing.

First I missed beads and it didn't hang properly, then I accidentally caught the copper crimp cover in the wire when I closed it, not good because this would eventually cause the wire to break and yep beads would be all over the floor. I then had another go at restringing the whole thing and didn't pull the wire up tight to the crimp...... Enough I said, what now!! Thank goodness that's over.

While I was at it, I made a little pair of matching earrings, the hooks are fine quality Anodized Bronze Niobium with a 2mm Copper bead and are totally safe for sensitive ears (hypoallergenic) and the colour is permanent. I've made earrings for myself with these hooks and I can vouch for that. The set contains Black and Copper glass, tiny Czech Copper glass Rondelles, real Copper beads and Copper Artistic Wire.

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