Friday, October 26, 2007

More Beach and Sea

Been a few days since I posted here.

Yesterday I went off to the Craft and Stitches "Bead Fair" at the Brisbane Convention centre. Had a great day, fossicking amongst the beads and chatting to people.

Also checked out the Top 25 entries in the 2007 Swarovski Creative Beading Awards of Excellence. Baffling thing was that none of the entries had been tagged with the designers names or locations. Go figure!

Some brilliant work on display. Pity, the best pieces didn't even place in the Top 5. Don't get me wrong, am more than thrilled with my 12th placing out of 300 entries.

Aren't designs supposed to be original? Are the judges living under a Rock? Give up yet? YES.

As for the photography, it doesn't even rate a mention. Heck I can do better than that and I did. Talk about disappointing. My advice, find a photographer who is experienced at shooting Jewellery and give those truly talented Australian designers the recognition they so deserve.

Whilst I was at the Fair I picked up a few bits and bobs to finish off a couple of projects I had on the go. I finished both these today. I must say that was a marathon effort.

Two more pieces ready for my upcoming Jewellery Party....Phew!!

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