Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Venetia" - Masquerade Ball Beading Challenge

I've been busy working on a piece for a beading challenge on an Australian Beaders forum that I belong to. I finally finished it last night. I used all the pink toned Swarovski crystals (Light and Dark Rose, Rosewater Opal, Pink Alabaster, and Fuchsia, along with some baby pink Swarovski pearls) that I had in my collection. Non tarnish Silver Artistic Wire was used to make the form and for the fine wire wrapping. I found some stunningly beautiful organza ribbon in baby pink and Fuchsia, in my local embroidery shop to add a bit of fullness and Sterling Silver enamel spray paint I bought at Bunnings to coate the dowel to which I attached the Mask.

Edited: 19th Nov, 07 - Won this Challenge, how exciting is that!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW. OK, again...WOW!! That is a gorgeous piece too. You need to start submitting your stuff to some of the bigger venues abroad too, like Bead Dreams, and Bead International.


Cyndi Lavin