Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time for a change

Thought I'd give this site a refresh with a new background and change of font. Maybe the colour scheme just has me wishing that winter was over and it was spring or even summer hence the wave effect. I've even been thinking about my next painting, have some great pics of Pelicans I photographed down in northern New South Wales, so am thinking a canvas full of Pelicans would be rather eye catching.....regardless of the fact that I've not finished or even looked at the last painting I was working on for a while. Although it just about hits me in the nose every time I walk past the easel its resting on. I ran into some issues with the salt I added, well it was to be expected I guess as I did mention this might happen.
We had tonnes of rainy, moisture filled days in May and June, and consequently I found a puddle of water or rather dissolved salt on the floor where the painting had been resting. The sun has dried it out nicely, but everytime it rains same thing happens. Of course my issue now is how to fix it. Thought about sanding it off, but that's likely to damage the canvas. I might try dissolving it with more water, at this point I feel like hosing it just to see what happens. Oh the fun. I should have stuck with sand.
Well I live and learn!!