Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gifts from the Sea

These gorgeous necklaces were made using a couple of strands of pearls I picked up from the Feeling Inspired crowd in Sydney.

Decided the pearls were perfect for Bridal Jewellery, but by no means limited to just that. They'd look great for any special occasion. Matching earrings complete the set.

Both are teamed with round faceted Swarovski Crystals. The first set are crystal copper whilst the clasp is 925 Sterling Silver. The pearls are a creamy white... yes I know there are so many versions of white, I always thought white was white still I started working in interior design.

The second set have light sapphire Swarovski crystals and a Hilltribe Silver Rose clasp. I adore these Rose clasps, they make such a statement. Which reminds me, I also have some large Hilltribe Silver Rose Pendants stashed somewhere. Must put on my designers hat and make something interesting with those.
Got to add, both these pieces make me want to get all dolled up in a glamourous evening gown just so I can wear them myself.
Now that's a thought, I need a new swanky blog pic.... I'll have to work on that.
(one thing about working from home, you get to wear your PJ's all day long and no one

Both available for sale, pricing etc see my weblink below or email me for details.

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