Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Think I've got RSI

More from me. Been just a tad busy the last couple of days, churning out more new glitzy jewellery pieces.

I positively adore the Art Glass beads in the pic above. The colours are really gorgeous and very Summery, whilst the beads themselves are smooth and silky to the touch.
Blue, Brown and a touch of Lemon. Each one has been individually wired with a Sterling Silver Spacer then joined with Sterling Silver Jump Rings. The pattern on each alternate bead reminded me somewhat of the spirals found inside cone shells.
There will be matching earrings and as I have enough beads there may even be a matching bracelet still to come. I've got more of these beads on order, different shapes and colours, so am awaiting their arrival in order to come up with a couple more interesting designs. I have one in my head and it involves a large Hilltribe Silver fish.

Seems I've gone a bit Lemon mad the last couple of weeks as it's not a colour I use very often. These cute little crystal and enamel flowers caught my eye on a website the other day, so I bought a few to see what they were like. They were a good match for some Carnelian I had. but then I didn't have a suitable clasp.

Decided to use the last two to make my own clasp and with the addition of some of my favourite silver Artistic Wire am very happy with the end result. This set includes a little pair of matching faceted Carnelian Barrel bead and Swarovski Bi-cone earrings. Hooks are 925 silver.

The next set has some stunning sea green/blue tones and is a real sparkler.

What was that saying back in the days of old?
" Blue and Green should never be seen"
Can't imagine why, those are my two most fav colours when teamed together.

Comes with a matching set of earrings, Hooks are 925 sterling silver as is the square Box Clasp on the necklace. Measures 45cm approx.

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