Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some more reno projects

Here's a couple more pics of projects I've done around the house in recent times.
The first one is our little courtyard beside the back of the house. I designed the gate/fence and my ever handy husband built it. Since then we've had people stop at the front of the house asking where we got our court yard fence I decided to keep my herb pots as its a good sunny position. The only real addition to the area has been a resin Kookaburra to the top of the black frame nearer the fence. It looks so real and even I have have done a double take at times, its a bit of Australiarna in an otherwise Japanese inspired garden

This pic is some handpainted leadlighting I completed on the upstairs bathroom door. The door was a find at one of those old wares recycling places. Michael removed the top two timber ply panels and replaced them with clear glass. I drew the pattern, enlarged it on a photocopier and traced over it with a thick black pen. I stuck the pattern to the back of the glass and then used stick-on lead which had to be rolled on with a special tool. The colours were dropped into the lead using an eyedropper to flood the area. (Of course the door has to lay flat for this to work)
I given the window in the bathroom the same treatment. Its been a few years since this work was done, the colours do tend to fade with time, but they havn't disappeared, they're just way more subtle.


kyles said...

you have such great taste Berni, that courtyard looks fabulous :) how hard was the leadlighting, i have always wanted to try it, it's on my long list of things to try, once i get over beading and scrapbooking....laughs! thanks for the snapshot into your talent :)

Bernie said...

Thanks very much Kyles, I love creating stuff, its when I'm happiest.
Well this leadlight was really easy, because there's no glass cutting involved. Just sticky lead strips, paint and a few tools. Check out Spotlight, they have something similar. There is a bit of an art in getting the paint to flood properly but I got the hang of it quickly. Just remember not to use any brushes, use the eye dropper to push the paint into the corners... that way there are no brush marks...and it will look like cut, coloured glass.
Just got some books out of the library about China painting, that'll be my next challenge after I finish the bedroom reno and a commission for three paintings. No time for