Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kids, Dogs and Movies

Ask me what I've been up to the last couple of days... Beading? Painting? Photography? Renovating? No, No, No, none of the above.

For the last couple of days I been niece sitting. My 11 year old niece, Samantha, came to stay as her mum has just started a new job. This is not the first time I've been more than happy to baby sit. When Samantha was very little, she often came to stay the night if her mum and dad had to go to a function. She has also visited lots of times during the school holidays, she loves our swimming pool for a start and then of course there's Rem who has had an absolute ball with another little person in the house. I think he really missed her when she went home last night, 'cause at 2.30am this morning I heard him crying at the back door, between chewing on his squeaky toy. Poor little Sweety, I got out of bed and let him in for a while till he was sleepy again. Usually he sleeps a fair bit during the day, but not the last couple of days, he'd be lucky if he had several 10 minute kips. He was way too busy playing hide and seek, get the toy etc etc., so I guess that's why he was crying last night. I expect though that he'll sleep well today.

I forgot how exhausting it was looking after kids. Luckily, I'm not mentally exhausted as well as physically. We're past the stage of negotiating for every little thing like, "If I eat three more spoonfuls of my dinner, can I have three chocolates?" (Jelly Beans, Jelly Snakes, Chips, whatever....) and it use to be like that for everything.

Fancy having to negotiate with a child about when she should have her bath, go to bed, brush her teeth, eat her dinner, what she should eat for dinner, Phew!!... I recall one weekend when this happened constantly, its worse then working for some high flying executive type, and they don't listen either, but that's another story!

We also went to the movies. I'm very lucky, because at the end of my street is the local picture theatre. Decided to see "The Waterhorse" (Legend of the Lock Ness Monster) I really enjoyed this flick, and even had a little cry at the end. Yep I'm a real shook when it comes to movies.

The story is set in the early 1940's and is about a young scottish boy who finds a mysterious looking piece of Flotsam amongst the rocks on the seashore. He takes it home and begins to chip away at the exterior only to expose what looked to me, the most vibrant and amazing coloured Paua shell, the size and shape of a football. That's when all the fun begins. There are some very funny scenes in the movie and along with a few sad ones. (You also knew I'd get to mention some type of jewellery making supply in this post didn't ie the Paua shell)

I won't give the movie plot away here. My niece loved the movie, one word of caution, don't go during the school holidays for obvious reasons.
Pic by Bernie - featuring a small piece of Paua Shell

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Anonymous said...

Hello Bernie,

I just viewed your lovely and informative sites. What a wonderful, interesting and fun loving, creative life you are leading. Your have one lucky niece to have such a great Auntie and play pal to romp and chase with. I especially liked the lampwork in your designs from Sabine Wilkins. One of the bracelets looked liked the colors of soft pink, light blue, lavender. Anyway ALL of your designs are outstanding. I even voted, across the globe mind you, for your photo as a ten. I hope you win. Oddly enough, you and I love the same favorite colors. Someone once came into my home & commented that I sure loved my soft greens, blues, lavender and rose. Unfortunately, she loved bright orange & bright red! Well, here it is 50 years and 5 homes later and I just did it again! I didn’t even realize it until the workmen were done. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! So, my friend, thank you for a lovely morning with my coffee cup beside me while I enjoyed the tour of your excellent sites and galleries. God bless and a terrific New Year. Beverly Jane (Bev) via email