Thursday, December 27, 2007

Never work with Animals

That's what they say. I had so much fun shooting those pics of Rem. He is just so hilarious and an absolute character. For Xmas my mum and dad gave him two stuffed teddy bears - a brunette and a blond. Not that he needed any more bears, he's got a trunk load of them now. But the first thing he has to do when he picks a new bear up is give it a good shake. I always tell him "No, its already dead, shaking isn't necessary". We name all his toys too, so he is able to distinguish which is which. I can't believe how he manages to remember who's who. We have Baa, (a sheep), Hoggy (a Hedgehog) Teddy Xmas (dressed in a a red and green jumper) Honey Bear, Brown Bear, Bon Bon, Frizzy, Rudy, etc. and he plays with them all. I laugh when he goes to one of his two toy boxes and rifles around in the bottom and pulls something out we've not seen for a while. Today it was a teething chew bone, now that one hasn't surfaced since he was really little.

Speaking of presents, I scored well too. CD's (the new "Tina Arena" one) "Richard Clapton" - an oldie but a goodie, I've always loved his songs "Deep Water" and "Girls on the Avenue", this CD has all the old fav's. Lets see where was I, oh yes, Xmas goodies, a summer dress, a new handsfree phone duo with answer machine (one for the kitchen and one for the dining room) gardening gloves and a subscription to "Burkes Backyard", a great Bromeliad plant with a gorgeous towering red flower, (my garden is a tropical one, so I have heap of these in all sorts of colours and am always on the lookout for different species) a Chile plant in a lovely window sill pot, some cash, a gorgeous Vanilla Candle in a Gold and etched glass holder along with matching drink coasters, a unusual shaped tray, some gel frogs - the type you can stick to windows or shower recesses -they're really cute, a resin kookaburra (looks like the real thing) hubby has attached him to the court yard fence, chocolates, a rock tumbler, I think that's it. Gosh, I did well didn't I?

I had 10 people for lunch, yep ate everyone of them....LOL, well no not really, 10 people came to lunch, all family, some of them are vegetarians, so it makes my life really interesting at times. We had Turkey, Ham, Smoked Salmon, Prawn and Mango salad, Sun dried Tomato and Spinach Frittatas, Cheese and Herb filo triangles, Antipasto, White Cherries, huge Lychee's, Fattouch salad (which I must add was really yummy, so I'll be making that one again, Roast vegetable Cannelloni, Trifle, Rum Balls, Fruit Mince Pies and German Xmas Cake and of course a few bottles of Bubbles. I'm thinking the variety of food was very multinational. I cooked for two days, got up at 5.00 am Xmas day, prep'd the final things, ie salads, set the table, all red, green and gold this year and collapsed at 7.00pm in front of the telly. A great day was had by all!


Anonymous said...

:)) funny dog!

Bernie said...

Thanks Andrei, am sure he thinks he's human and not a canine. Keeps me entertained and giggling that's for sure.