Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Xmas Present to Me.... hehe

That the good thing about being able to make jewellery, one can reward oneself anytime and as often as Amazingly, I don't make that much jewellery for myself. I've have however been eyeing this bracelet off for a few months now and since its not sold, I'm claiming it as mine, 'cause I adore green and I just love these lampwork beads. Oh, the earrings I made this morning out of the two remaining beads I had in stock, so now I have a matching set. (I've sold a few of these bracelets in the past year some in different colours, red, black, pink, and two in green similar to this....sssshh, don't tell anyone....) So that leaves three in stock, one blue and white, one black with pink roses and green leaves and last but not least one in black and silver.
Here's what's left, if you want one get in quick!!

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