Friday, November 30, 2007

Free as a Bird or I will be soon

Gee I haven't posted here since Tuesday, how bad is that?
Well I do have an excuse, been a little busy getting ready for this week-end as I'm hosting my annual Xmas party. Of course then there's the family Xmas lunch that I'll be once again having at my house... well that'll be another post. I've still got to work out the menu, shop and run around again.... Oh fun, Oh joy, Oh Humbug!

I've spent most of this week running around organising food, drinks, jewellery displays, of course I had to enlist the help of my loving husband, who very graciously moved furniture, riffled through the under stair cupboard for folding tables and our camping esky. I hate going it there, its like going underground, dark and mysterious and you never know when a Christmas Tree might lurch up, grab you by the leg and drag you back to its lair, kicking and screaming... uhhh don't mind me, you should have the picture by now!!

I'm starting to wish I had a bigger house. Those that know me will laugh at that, because I already have a big house. Two storey, 3 verandahs, heaps of cupboard space, which always seem to be full. Reminds me of that advertisement on TV, you know the one, where the garage door gets opened and out pours all the bits and pieces stored in there. This morning I got sick of my Tupperware cupboard and had a bit of a purge, now the rubbish bin is overflowing, seems I can't win...

I'll post some pics of my jewellery display when I take the dust sheets off the tables. With the weather as is it here in Brisbane, ie drought conditions, we're now on Level 6 water restrictions, everything gets dusty so quickly. I seem to be forever cleaning.

The pic on this post is one I took at Wivenhoe Dam on the way to Toowoomba. We decided to check out the water levels a few months back and have a family picnic whilst we were out in the country. I always love photographing birds and animals. This little guy I managed to photograph just as he was taking flight. Hopefully in a few days I'll get to be free like him and have a short break. Well here's hoping. Have a great weekend.

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