Sunday, November 25, 2007

Land AHoy...

A few weeks back I was madly sewing costumes for a party, well finally the big night arrived and I must admit to being very excited about getting dressed up just for the fun of it. I wore a hair piece with curls and false black and glittery eyelashes too. The eyelashes alone took me half an hour to fix in place, not an easy feat. I'm definitely getting myself some fold down eye magnifier glasses. Guess I'll be searching Google tomorrow in order to do some shopping...

Our lovely friend Jaclyn whose birthday it was and who is indeed a "Wonder Woman" (check out the photos) underwent a complete heart and lung transplant a couple of years back. That's yours truly on the right.

Anyone know this scary looking guy?
If I were that parrot I would indeed be
He (not the parrot, folks) even managed to win best costume and promised to share the bottle of champagne that he won with me; and so he should. I was afterall the brains behind his winning

I took this next of shot of the two of us using the timer mechanism on my camera and with the camera attached to a tripod. I don't tend to use the timer and had to look up the instruction manual on how to get it to work. This camera, as much as I love it, has so many functions, that not even I in a whole lifetime will get to know them all off by heart.

More pics coming...

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