Thursday, September 6, 2007

A recent commission

A little while back my friend Simone, the theatre director, asked me to put together a piece of jewellery for Harmony, the musical director, of a play she was working on.

The brief was for something "Purple". Now I love customers who give me one worded briefs, it does tend to make the design process relatively easy. I thought about it for a while, all sorts of musical ideas had popped into my head, but I decided that a necklace wasn't where I wanted to go and that a bracelet would be better.

I contacted my Lampworker friend Sabine in Sydney and asked if she would make some purple beads for me. I didn't give her a brief, just told her my ideas for the bracelet and left it at that.

Here's a pic of the beads Sabine sent me.

The musical Simone and Harmony were working on was "Cats" plus the gift was to be for Harmony's 30th birthday. My idea was for a charm bracelet incorporating the above beads, sterling silver musical charms, the letter H - for Harmony, a crown for the Queen of music, a comedy and tragedy mask, a cat, and bunches of swarovski crystals in matching tones. Each bead was individually wrapped with sterling daisy spacers and joined with Snapeez, my fav jump rings, a girl can do with a never ending supply of those.

Here's the finished bracelet. Harmony loved it.


Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful Bern! Look forward to seeing you soon. Qx

Anonymous said...

hey bernadine, thats a cool blog! i want to set up a jewellery blog but wasnt sure what to put in it.... cant wait to read more of your blogging.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, I've had that same blog for ages and have managed to muck it up every time I use it. Yours is so well set out and your wire work is shown to the best advantage, fantastic, hugs Joyce.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice Bernadine. 10/10 from moi
Sidheog (Bernadette)

Irene E Muldoon said...

What a fantastic piece! Absolutely gorgeous, and the thoughtful touch of personality to it is excellent. You've done a wonderful job with such gorgeous beads. I hope you're friend LOVES it!

Bernie said...

Thanks everyone, its been fun.
Yes definitely Irene. Harmony was thrilled to bits with her charm bracelet.