Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking for Mr. Motivation... where are ya

Since I've been back from holidays, I feel totally un-motivated. I've been suffering from Mondayitas all week and I expect it to last well into next week. Hate it when I feel like this.

I did force myself to clean out the hallway cupboard today though and what a haul of junk I found. Anyway, I felt slightly better that I have at least accomplished one small task this week.

Working on details for the next Xmas get together now, gee am running short of Saturdays and October is already looming. Where did this year go? Heck was I asleep for most of it? Looks like the next function will be the first weekend of Dec as I have to make some new goodies yet. Invites are underway....I've got Rem working on them.

Yep I'm with Miss Izz.

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