Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maleny Views Glasshouse Mountains

Yesterday was a perfect Autumn day and what better way to make the best use of it then to take a little jaunt out into the countryside. This pic is the view from Mary Cairncross Reserve http://www.mary-cairncross.com.au/ at Maleny on the North Coast hinterland. What you're viewing here are the amazing Glasshouse Mountains which are a series of volcanic plugs rising dramatically above the coastal plain. These mountains were named in 1770 by Captain Cook and are thought to have been formed about 26 million years ago.

This is a view I've not seen before even though my parents practically live at the base of one of these mountains. Luckily I thought to bring my camera along.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, i love your pic of the glass house mts on your opening page. im orignaly from brisy and use to climb all of the mts on a weekly basics. i live in tasie now so trips to the mts a lot less frequent.
im trying to buy a print or a canvas painting or something along those lines of, kinda the pic on your opening page, although i was after a more of a close up of the mts. i would love to have a reminder of the mts while im in tasie.
i was just wondering if you could point us in the right direction of getting a photo (or something) to purchace. i also notice that your a photographer. if you can help me please e-mail on mrtreycool@gmail.com

Thankyou- Trent Ford