Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Some very sad news

Am very sad to have to write this post. Yesterday I found Izzy Liz had died out in the garden near the pool, not really sure how it happened, but her little body was limp and lifeless, her eyes shut tight.

I will really miss all her crazy little antics and the fact that she'll now longer be around to sit on the back of my chair when I'm out on the veranda.

RIP Miss Izz, you will always be remembered with great fondness.


Anonymous said...

I just dropped in to check on Izzy Liz and saw your report of her passing on to heaven, I am sure. I have had her in my prayers ever since I first saw her on your web site and you told us all about her tail and not being able to swim. She is lovely and I know now she is happy and swimming and running more swiftly than even Remmy could imagine. I know how much you will miss her. She will stay in your heart forever and I hope you will try and remember all of the happy and fun times you had with her.

God bless
Beverly Jane (via email)

Bernie said...

Poor Izzy I'm still looking for her.It's so strange not having her around.
This morning I went out to the back garden to clean up some fallen palm fonds half expecting her to come bounding over to check out what I was up to.
Miss u Izz.