Thursday, March 6, 2008

Orient - Mixed Media

Thought I'd write a post about my latest painting which was commissioned for a newly renovated apartment decked out in Black, Red and White.

My brief was for something abstract in Black, Red and Foil - both Gold and Silver, other than that I was left to my own devices.

I decided on a series of three or a Triptych as these are known. Each canvas is around 93cm high x 46cm wide also I wanted to include some texture as the paintings are to be hung on smooth white plasterboard wall. I ended up using Matisse Impasto and a palette knife to create the texture which I then proceeded to paint in vibrant red Atelier acrylic. I then decided the red texture needed a little more definition, so the peaks were dry brushed with a little Carbon Black. I like the effect that its created. This particular Atelier paint tends to stay open a lot longer than my usual acrylic paint and as yet, I've not used it to paint anything other than abstract art. So am dying to give a scene a try.... perhaps next week.

I ended up naming the series "Orient", mainly because in its abstract kind of way it reminds me of a Geisha girl, who becomes a blur or whirl by the third piece. In the first of the series you can make out a side on view of the head/hair and the highly decorated Kimono which was created using torn Gold and Silver Foil. There are also some leaves floating on the breeze, on two of the paintings, these were drawn on using an Indian Ink Pitt pen, so indeed, it is a mixed media piece.

The interesting thing with this series is that it could be hung in any direction, ie up or down and moved around within the series to give the owner and its on-lookers a little more to ponder on... who knows what else could be found in there.

I do so hope the customer likes it, because I really enjoyed creating it.


The Beading Gem said...

You're very talented! I love it and I am sure the client will too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bern,
I'mn so excited, the paintings look GREAT.... can't wait to see them hung.
Till Tuesday then.
Kel. (via email)

Bernie said...

Great another happy customer!!

Carlynne said...

I enjoyed your post. We have very similar working methods - textured surface, Atelier acrylic (wonderful stuff), metal leaf and I also collect rocks and make jewelry. How fun to meet a kindred spirit on the other side of the world.

Bernie said...

Lovely to meet you Carlynne. Yes indeed am very impressed with the Atelier Interactive paint. I started out painting with oil as a child, but like you hated the length of time it took to dry, not to mention, the smell of linseed oil. Love your blog and your work.
I see that colour pencil is another of your mediums too. I'm just starting to experiment with Watercolour pencil and Indian Ink (Pitt pens), because I thought that this might be interesting to try and easy to take along when travelling.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Beading Forum member:
Originally Posted by aqualuna

Bernadine, you paintings are fantastic. I could see everything you were describing, before I even read too much into it.......yes, I have been waiting for them..hehe!

It was all there, everything in your description. I imagine the texture is pretty special too.


Bernie replied with:

Thanks very kindly Steph.... interestingly the ideas weren't contrived. I just painted with no particular outcome in mind. I doubt that professional artists paint like that I really loved playing the with the texture paste too, so am now going to get some more along with some different shaped palette knives.
It was only after I finished all three and stood them up again the wall the I could make out the side of view of the Geisha. I've hung them in the same order that they were created, because I think they do tell a story.

chanel said...

Your a talented lady Bernadine........Cant wait to see some more of your paintings...I just love them...
Happy painting Chanel.

Bernie said...

Thanks very much Chanel, very kind of you.

Anonymous said...

OOh I love them Bernadine! They're great. Will have to add your blog to my list of ones that I *try* to check regularly! Oh I wish there were 36 hours in each day!!


Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by Diana

They are great pieces Bernadine. I love your use of foil. I must try acrylic - I mostly do watercolour and it can be very frustrating and not very exact, but it's great when it turns out how your minds eye expected. The watercolour pencils are better to use because you can be more precise with them. Sad news about your dragon - she was very cute.
But it is a great painting - no wonder your client was happy with it.

Bernie responded with:

Yes agree Di, that's one of the reasons why I never came to grips with water colour paints myself. I think its very hard to get defination and vibrancy which I so adore. Although I think the addition of pen does help. My BIL, Cees Sleidrechdt (Dutch heritage) is a professional pen and water colour artist, nothing is defined but his work is very impressionistic, somewhat abstract and I still have to figure out what most of the painting is. He paints alot of scenes from around Brissy, so usually its possible to make out a landmark.

I've done one little sketch so far with pen and watercolour pencils and I was really impressed that it actually looked like a
I've since found a brush that has a built in water reservoir, so it makes it easy to travel with and just sit anywhere and paint.

Thanks also for your very kind condolences for Izz's passing.

Bernie said...

Originally Posted by Bianca

Oh yes I can see her, Bernadine. I was wondring how this commission panned out. I can see the geisha, and how she shares her intellect, her musical performances and poetry with the client, whilst the perception is that she might be a high priced call girl, she chooses to be there. Her face anonymous so you do not know who is behind the white foundation.

In fact, very provoking. What an achievement. I would love to have one of your tryptich, Bernadine. I guess at times we leave a medium to get back to it no? I used to make japanese stencilled panels, with hand made stencils of maple leaves and cranes. I have one series left at home, the others all sold.

Who knows, like you, maybe one day I shall return to it. Congratulations on such a beautiful piece and the happy client.

Bernie replies with:

Thanks Bianca, that's a great interpretation. I love what you see.

I also love hearing what others see in abstract paintings generally, really does make you think. Lots of mediums I agree are interconnected in some way or another. I think jewellery design and painting fall close as we sometimes start with a theme, a myth or some other story line, throw in the colours so to speak and hopefully end up with something breath taking and orignal and not always contrived. I might add.

I received another email from the client this morning to say she'd deposited the funds and added extra (wow!), she also gave me a beautiful chocolate and cream mohair winter scarf so indeed she must be very happy. Excellant, cause that makes me happy too.