Friday, February 5, 2010

Mixed Media Seacape "Glimmer"

Finally, here is the finished Mixed Media Seascape, named "Glimmer" that I was working on in July last year.

The dilemma over how to finish it, eventually gave way to what I think was a flashing light bulb, so I decided to bite the bullet and finish it. I figured that if it looked hideous it could always be relegated to the rubbish heap.

Torn silver foil for sparkle, translucent blue mica powder mixed in gloss finishing sealer for acrylic's along with pearlescent mica powder were my flashing light bulbs!!

Now when I look at the work up close it has the effect of polished shell. The painting has also been orientated differently. My problem of disolving salt has been fixed with a coat of thick white acrylic and some sealer, no more puddles on rainy days, but the "sand" is still obvious. I guess that proves that sometimes patience along with trial and error can be a good thing.

Update August 2011 - With all the Rain/Flooding we had in Queensland, I ended up having further problems with this painting. The Staples holding the canvas to the frame rusted and marked my nice white wall which I then had to repaint. :( The canvas was wet again as well. Needless to say canvas was sent to the skip. Good news however, I really liked this painting so have decided to give my ideas another go, this time without salt. Unfortunately, it won't be exactly the same, but its moving along fast as I know what I want this time. Pics when its finished.


Bianca Velder said...

I really like that, Bernadine. That would suit my house to a tee, the use of mica and foil is a great idea. I'm doing a conceptual art workshop later this month, I want to be like you when I grow up. Long time no see, I am glad to see another artwork from you.

Bernie said...

Thanks B.. Nice to hear from you.