Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Underwater Series - "More or Less"

Just finished these two paintings, with still another to follow. Eventually I'll hang them all together.
I've used Atlier Interactive Acrylics and have sealed them with a gloss varnish, only one coat so far, will give them another one or two when I finish the third in the series which at this point is only a penciled outline on canvas. These two measure 900 x 600.

The first one I've named "Clown" for reasons which I guess are pretty obvious.
It's nothing like I originally had in mind and in fact had sketched on the canvas.
I thought it looked just a bit overcrowded and proceeded to over paint most of the other fish and coral. I figured "less is more" in this particular case, I think I was just being a little too ambitious for this first try.
Clown Fish

This second one I've named "Ocean Friends" I must say I really enjoyed painting that starfish and the ocean floor just for something different.
Ocean friends


Jen said...

Loving your turtles Bernie.
Will commission you to do some paintings for the house when the reno is completed.

Samantha said...

My fav is the clown fish Bernie