Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy New Year - 2009

Well I say, hasn't the new year sprung to life with a bang. Seems I hardly blinked and December was over along with Christmas and all its weeks of preparation.

So what have I been up to since my last post. Mainly holidaying. Going to the beach, picnics, BBQs, family gatherings at this relative or that, eating, drinking and in some cases being merry.

In between all that I've managed to fit in some gardening as well as check out the Post Xmas sales. Scored a few bargains including a 19inch Flat Screen TV with digital tuner and built in DVD player. Of course the reason for this purchase, besides Kevin 07/KRUD telling us to spend, spend, spend, was that this TV would now go with us on our future camping trips as it weighs considerably less than my 20 year old portable one. Of course to add to this we needed a proper outdoor aerial, so have purchased one from a Caravan/RV shop that folds down and fits into a cardboard tube less than 18inches long.

Of course things are well advanced for our upcoming camping trip in March. Camper Trailer with proper steps to the sleeping platform has been hired for this trip (no more ladders for this girl). The plan is to hire before we buy to see if we like this style of camping. We're not really into Caravans, find them a bit claustrophobic and with the other half being 6ft 6ins tall makes it really interesting trying to find facilities including a bed that he'll fit into.
Ultimately, my dream and no doubt his is a camper trailer with a King Size bed!!

My other project at present is another painting or series, featuring Marine Life on the ocean floor. This is taking a far amount of time by way of research as I've never painted anything like this before. It is so hard to find good material on how to paint coral in detail. Anyway have resorted to the Library in hope that I will turn something up there that will lead to some sort of mind boggling inspiration. I have an idea what the finished painting will look like, but am sure its going to take some time before I can say "Yay its finished".

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bernie, Just checking in again. I Knew it was time for your camping trip and wanted to wish you a very Happy, Happy time of it. As always, I enjoyed your site immenseley. Poor Remey, I don't know how I missed that the last time I checked. I am sure glad the little guy is fine, but what an experience. None of you will soon forget. Have a great vacation and will check in again after your vaca. Hugs, Bev Jane