Thursday, November 27, 2008

And the winner is........

Ok, so we now know who the winner is of the 2008 Swarovski Creative Beading Competition... drum roll please................."Caroline Fung" with a fabulous creation entitled "Dance of the Fire Phoenix".

Caroline is a member of our very own Australian Beading Forum, a talented bunch of Designers and Artists in their own right, these girls and boys are reaping prizes and publicity the world over.

Caroline's piece is an absolutely stunning work of art. She states that her inspiration came from some gorgeous Swarovski pendants which she found on the Internet whilst searching for information about Thailand as she planned a holiday there.

She goes on to add, having seen pictures of Thai dancers with their rich and vibrant costumes of red and gold along with their very unique posture, she set about working in an attempt to incorporate all those images gathered in her mind. The whole design has been constructed via wire wrapping techniques and using different gauges of gold filled wire.

You can view Caroline's masterpiece at

As well as in the next issue (Dec 2008) of Australian Creative Beading.
In the Jan 2009 you'll also find a profile of Caroline's work. Caroline has won a trip to Austria. Congratulations Caroline, fabulous effort.


Maryanne said...

I agree Bernie ... it's a gorgeous piece, and one of my favs from the whole comp.

Caroline said...

Hi Bernadine,

Thank you so much for your complements and for mentioning this in your blog. You're a real sweetie.
I've seen some of your beautiful wirework. You know what, one of my dreams is to one day publish a book on wirework, with tutorials from Australian wireworkers. I think we have amazingly talented people here and we can certainly come up with something just as good if not better than our overseas counterparts.
Thanks agin and cheers,