Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Miss Peppa Pants

Here's Miss Peppa Pants... as I call her because she is such a little bossy britches and a mind of her own (well she is a female after all)
Peppa is Remy's (my border collie's) niece, born the same day as him and I get to pet sit her occasionally. She must be fed first and get all the
Remy just takes it all in his stride, he's so easy going. They get to spend heaps of time together, running in the park, on the beach, playing Frisbee although Peppa won't return it and I have to send Remy to get it when she finally drops it...It's a funny sight. We meet up with Peppa's human parents fairly often.

Here's the pic of her I used to do the painting.

Not exactly the same pose but I think its a good likeness of her and her little personality.

I used Atelier Interactive Acrylic paint and this time I tried a new sealer from Windsor and Newton - Galeria Acrylic Medium Gloss Varnish. It went on easily enough but like most sealers one needs to be mindful of not over brushing and only using a light coat, otherwise it can tend to look milky on the canvas.


Chan said...

oh oh oh isnt she just adorable..... i love her tooo

Karyn said...

Ohhh how adorable... she looks like a very loving puppy... oh and love the painting too lol... both are goregous...

Keep the paintings coming as I am really enjoying oggling over your pieces... nice work!!

Bernie said...

Thanks very kindly Chan and Karyn. She is a cutie regardless of her funny little
Shall try and get on with the bird bath next week, I've now managed to sand and re-gesso it after its mishap with the rain. So hopefully I shall soon have a bird bath sitting in the front garden with a painting of the lovely bird of paradise flowers from the pics that Dragonfly (vicki) sent me.

Caroline said...

Lovely are very artistic and I am sure the recipients will love their paintings. Sounds like Rem is behaving himself and that you are still enjoying his company which is really lovely.