Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whats Up

Gosh, its been a while. Spent half of winter laid up with some illness or another.
Luckily I had two weeks of Olympic Sport to keep me amused. Mind you, the games were almost over, when my DH decided that he'd better go out and buy a Set Top Box so that I could see all the action in High Defination. Well frankly, don't know what all the fuss was about, sport is sport and it looks the same to me whatever the Defination. Perhaps having a TV the size of a movie theatre screen would help, maybe should have put in my order for one of those too. hehe.

Anyway what have I been up to lately???? Lots of reading for a start, thank goodness for the local Library and of course my mate Remy has been great company. This pic sort of gives you an idea of what he's been up to most of the time. Typical Border Collie pose whilst sleeping.

I've also gone back to painting. Yesterday I finished my first Pet Portrait, of guess who? What fun, ended up searching my computer for all the pics I've taken of Remy for the last 14months or so and found one of my fav's, printed it in A4 size on photo paper, just so I could see more detail.

I've never painted animals before in such a large format and felt really inspired by some of Brisbane Artist Tracey Keller's animal portraits. I love her unique fun style. Anyway I've given the portrait to DH, who had a good giggle and commented on how I view Remy's mezmerizing stare. Remy really does have the most amazing eyes in real life.

Now I've just got to think about my next project whilst I'm in the mood to paint. I'm enjoying the way the hallway downstairs is starting to take on the feel of art gallery.


Anonymous said...

Wow Bernadine ...so beautiful!!!

you did a great job as always


Bernie said...

Thanks Chan. Nice of you to say.

Anonymous said...

what a great painting Bernadine Remy looks so fluffy and cuddly, of course he is in RL
Cheers Yvonne.

Anonymous said...

had to come back lol!!!

I think you got the picture SPOT on!!
when i see your name i just have to come look at what your up to!!


Bernie said...

Thanks Yvonne. Yes indeed he's a bit of a fluff ball...lol
When he was a pup I was always commenting on how he had such a scruffy tail, not at all fluffy and full. Now his tail touches the ground and looks like Basil Brushes....

That's funny Chan, it's nice to have a little fan club!!.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Terrific painting, Bernadine. Love the eyes and his fluffy chest.

Bernie said...

Thanks Erin. His eyes are indeed interesting in RL. I find it fascinating at how his iris is actually ringed in black, not seen eyes like that before on a border collie. Jet my previous boy had one blue eye and one very dark brown one with hardly any colour change.

He's getting a bath tomorrow, (opps should say that too loud)!! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadine, Glad you are feeling tons better. This is a fantastic painting of Remy and I just love him. He is sooo beautiful. Also, smart with the foot up in the air like, its ok for me to be here, see, I'm not really sleeping...LOL. Giving a surprise to your SIL would be fantastic for Christmas. I can't think of anything a pet lover would rather have. I love your website too. I keep checking it out. Have a wonderful Spring with nice warm weather. BJ
Beverly Jane

Anonymous said...

Well done! I wish I could paint that well!!


Anonymous said...


He's beautiful Bernadine - what a lovely friend you've portrayed Fantastic pic I can just see some of the whiskers - but those eyes are amazing -I'm just trying to get one of my dogs to sit still long enough to look into their eyes LOL.

Where are you hanging your fantastic picture?? It's great!!!! I wish I was your relation to get my puppies portraits painted wouldn't that be an amazing gift.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I love the painting, so lifelike and fluffly, makes you want to reach in and give him a pat.

Bernie said...

Thanks Kaz. Well I've hung it at the end the corridor downstairs off the dining room. The wall is painted cream so the pic really stands out. Yes indeed he does have the most amazing eyes. I decided to paint the background the same tone as his eyes in order to pull it all together colourwise.
Am just finishing up "Cookie" the spaniel for my SIL. Had to put it away for a few days till am over my dental treatment. Anyway will post a pic when I get it finished. Probably end of next week now. Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

LOL, I've got a 'Cookie' too he's a mutt - well shitpoo - shizu/poodle but he's my only boy dog - the others are Silky and their daughter is Roxy - now she's a cutie

Oh no to the dental treatment - you okay? It hurts the hip pocket too eh!

I'm finished at the dentist for 6 months - assuming I dont' break anything or whatever - shocking teeth - cost me a fortune!

Take care and I'll be looking out for Cookie too